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October Paint and Draw Everyday

By October 2, 2019April 9th, 2023No Comments

Day 31 (October 1st) 

So one thing I learned is that the Japanese people get new houses like most Americans get new cars. They really don’t have old houses like in the States. There are no, “prewar” houses here. Our neighbor house was demolished a couple of weeks ago so they are building a new one this week. They DO go up super quick. Well, they’re usually really small… so there is that.
Anyway, in honor of all the construction noise, I decided to draw the cement mixer today. It was midday and drawing outside seemed like a chore… so I just looked out our window. It started out fine, then after 10mins or so go by and it drove away.
Defeated, I stomped upstairs, grumpy and with barely anything accomplished.
It came back 15mins later.
So imagine my joy when I heard it churning it’s fantastic hardening butter! Have you ever heard a grown man yell, ‘HOORAY! THE CEMENT MIXER IS BACK!” as he runs down the stairs frantically looking for the sketchbook?
Might as well be Santa.

Day 32 (paint/draw everyday)

So, I meant to do a marker post with all the stages mapped out. First marker Cold grey – C3 which covers anything not white. Second C5, everything mid grey and darker. C7 for everything that is “black”. But… I got distracted. Or… forgot. I only got the first stage documented. 🙁

Also, my living room is really a boring, uninspiring subject matter. Excitement level is… 2.

I have to take my car in for the JCI inspection tomorrow, so I’ll paint the mechanics garage. Excitement level… 8.

Day 33, October 3rd- Painting Everyday #inktober , #inktober2019

I had to take the car in to be pre inspected before it’s “JCI” that is coming up. That basically means that they are going to make a list of all the problems that need to be fixed before the Japanese car… government(?) officially checks the car to see if it is still safe to drive. For me and for Japan, I guess. It’s stupidly expensive.
Anyway, had no where else to go, so I drew the mechanics place. I thought about painting it, but realized that I don’t really want a painting of the car mechanic garage. Still, it was fun.
I then dropped the car off at a different garage to get all the problems remedied. Then walked home. It wasn’t close by either….

Day 34 (from yesterday)
Went to the Rugby World Cup. It wad a lot of fun but South Africa was too good for Italy.

Day 35

We spent the night in Shinzuoka after the rugby match and woke up to explore the prefecture. It’s really stunning. I only had a quick moment to get a quick sketch of Fujisan. We were on a boat to an aquarium/dinosaur museum. Gotta give the kiddos a break here and there. 

Day 36
#inktober #inktober2019

Drew the family while they did homework and thank you cards. I kinda screwed this up… not my finest work, but you know what? I’ve butchered almost every drawing/painting I’ve done from observation of my kids. Why change anything at this point?

Day 40! (and 39, 38, and 37)

So I WAS drawing each day (but not posting)… but none of my drawings were very exciting. Mundane activities, rooms in the house… nothing to write home about. So I’m lump them into one post. Horray… #inktober

One item to note, I did try a cool/warm value sketch with one of the two interior drawings. It was REALLY HARD, to be honest. I’m so used to just designating everything as either white, light grey, mid value, dark grey…. but now with two sets of greys, it’s doubled. Somehow, with oil paint, I have no problem switching between temperatures (or do I?), but with markers it’s just new. I’m convinced it will improve the painting quite a bit.

Day 41

We’re lucky enough to have family in town for the whole month. It’s nice to have someone else to play battleship with the kiddo.  Again, I am absolutely terrible at drawing my son. In fact, I should just stay away from drawing direct family members at all costs.

Day 42
It’s Typhoon 19 time! I’m stuck in the house all day with heavy rain and winds. The really bad stuff is yet to arrive…

So, like I said yesterday, we have family in town, which is great for us, sad for them. I drew my nephew looking at storm updates on his phone. Again, keeping up with yesterdays post of “I should just stay away from drawing direct family members at all costs”.

Day 43
I had a quick moment to sketch a C-130s by the flight line bakery this afternoon. They move all the airplanes out of harms way for the typhoon, but as soon as its clear, they come back home. I had groceries in the car, so it was a quick one. Better than nothing I guess!

Day 44 #inktober#inktober2019
We had Undokai (Japanese sporting day) at my daughter’s school today. All the other dads arrived extra early to claim prime viewing/cameraman locations. I did my best, but our spot was not prime. While waiting for things to begin, I drew some real dads with their superior land claims. Clearly, they love their kids more. 

All joking aside, it was really fun and my daughter did great. She ran fast regardless of the steady rain.

Day 45 (from yesterday)
We went downtown to visit Akihabara and then see the Robot Restaurant show in Shinjuku. I had intended on drawing SOMETHING at the Robot show.. but 2 minutes in, I realized how insane that would be. I’ve included a photo of a giant snake eating a evil robot and also some shark robot… I don’t know if it was evil or not… I’m glad we left the kids at home though.

We had heard the food is terrible at the Robot Show, so we waited in line to eat at a ramen restaurant that was awarded a Michelin Star. I didn’t draw the ramen, but as one random guy leaving the restaurant said as we were waiting, “it was F***ing worth it! Man, wow!”.

So, after a long day I ended up drawing people on the train home. Not by best sketches, but it was a long day.

Day 47 and 48 (draw everyday and #inktober#inktober2019)
Yesterday, I drew out our window, but so dark that I couldn’t finish the drawing. I gets dark in Japan really quick. I’ll finish it up later.
Today, the boy and I got our haircut. He went first so I decided to pull up a chair and draw the action.
He sat reasonably still. Finally.

Day 49 of draw everyday and/or #inktober #inktober2019

I’m a little behind on posting (but not drawing! Yeeeeaaah!) The wife’s family is in town and we headed to a really cool festival, Kawagoe Matsuri. I had so much fun. There were ancient “floats” three stories tall that had trap doors and spun around so people could see the action from every vantage point. I drew one of the floats as a performance was underway. Thanks to my nephew Brad for “documenting” me.

There was much drinking and merriment and later that evening the floats traveled down the street until it encountered another float, then they would do a ritual musical greeting before passing on. They were towed by lots of people because they weigh close to one ton.

I really should have drawn at night… but, I admit I was having too much fun.

Day 50 of paint/draw everyday #inktober #inktober2019

Another adventure… this time Mizusawa Kannon Shrine. Not my favorite drawing as I cropped it poorly, but the shrine itself was really nice. Two hour drive…. not so fun.

We’ve been collecting our shrine book stamps (goshuin) and got two more this day. This is to ensure our afterlife is secure. We’ve a lot of stamps… as you can see. They incorporate the stamp of the shrine or temple with hand painted calligraphy by the monks and priests. Each stamp only costs like $3.00!!! Way better than Pokemon Go.

At this pace, I bet my next life will be something cool. Like a dolphin or a duck.

Day 51 of draw or paint everyday. #inktober #inktober2019

Less exciting day than my last two. I drew people while waiting for the kids to be done with swimming lessons. All my models were glued to phones and books. Sigh…. get what you pay for. 🙂

I’m flying to visit my parents tomorrow. So back to the good old USA tomorrow!

Day 52 draw or paint everyday #inktober2019 #inktober

Heading back to the USA today to visit my parents for a week. Technically, when I land tomorrow… it will be today.

I’m not sure how that will work yet with the drawing thing….

Day 53? Draw every day #inktober #inktober2019 #draweveryday

Stupid airplane. I missed my connecting flight due to a fuel something-something malfunction. Now, I get to hang around at LAX for the next 3 hours. I should have arrived already.
Jet lagged. Tired. Hangry. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
So here’s a drawing of my temporary prison.

Day 54
Well, there WAS a lady eating lunch, but I wasn’t quick enough to finish the drawing before she was done. It was kind of an afterthought to draw her. When we first sat down for lunch, the Pink House was in shadow and I wasn’t really inspired. While mom was finishing up her glass of wine, she sat down and I thought, why not? Yummy food at the Pink House restaurant in Genoa, NV BTW.

Day 55- draw or paint everyday
I’m hanging out on the deck of my parents house. Not a bad view of the Carson Valley, Nevada. I intend to paint this at sunrise. (update: I didn’t)

Glad that I brought my watercolors even if I only get a few paintings in. (update: I only got one painting in…. I suck).

Day 56
This drawing is really embarrassing. I actually gave up early thinking I would draw something later to redeem myself, but flat out forgot until I was in bed. Then I couldn’t sleep as a result. I’ll double up on another day so I feel better about myself and life. (Update: This is the only drawing I really, really disliked this month so it is not a total loss….. still, glad I made up for it later.)

Day 57
Truckee California!
We counted 37 dogs while roaming the shops and eating lunch. Such a beautiful fall day on the California side. Well, in Reno, the weather is pretty consistent too.
Aside from taking a few moments to draw a building near the train station, I had to grab some gifts to bring back to the kiddos. Heading home soon!

Last day at the Reno house. It was great visiting Mom and Dad but I am happy to be heading back to Japan tomorrow. I’m not sure why I am speaking in present tense… I’m actually already back in Japan. Course, it’s 5am here and I have no idea what freaking time zone I am on….

Day 59 #inktober#inktober2019
I’m was still feeling guilty about the embarrassing drawing from 3 days ago, and luckily I had a 3 hour layover in LAX. Hooray. Good news is I knocked out a second drawing as to not upset the balance in the world.
Airports are really a great place to draw. Drawing sure beats filling my face with overpriced food and scrolling through the news on my phone. Airports are fun to draw because at any moment, the plane you are drawing could fly away, or the line of people could start moving. I’m getting much more comfortable with moving people.

Day 60 #inktober#inktober2019
From yesterday (I’m FINALLY caught up posting.) I’m home again in Tokyo after such a long ordeal. There is something to be said about taking a boat. Even though it takes weeks to get to the other side of the world, at least there is no jet lag.
I took the in-laws (they are still here for another two days) to Ishikawa Brewery for lunch. They have great food and tasty drinks, especially like the Sakura sake. I spent 20 minutes drawing the brewery grounds before running the copious errands assigned to me upon me immediately after my return. I was wearing a red shirt and was sitting in the sun… so that explains the red tint on the drawing…. opps.