Experimental Drawing: Intermediate to Advanced Level Artist

his course emphasizes the artistic importance of drawing. We will explore a range of drawing methods: both traditional and nontraditional techniques. We will focus on increasing visual sensitivity, cultivating technical skills, and understanding the steps of building a drawing. $20 model fee paid in class. For students under the age of 18, you and your parent/guardian must obtain instructor permission prior to enrollment in this class.

Fall Class Start Date:  September 24, End Date:  November 19

Winter Class Start Date:  January 14, End Date:  March 11

Days: Fridays,  Time: 9:30 -12:00pm

Age Range: 16 and up

Price: $295, 9 sessions

Class Size: Max People 12


Schedule of Classes:

Class 1) September 24 –The Sketchbook- Just Line” – Discussion and tools

Sketchbook and ball point pen or pencils

Class 2) October 1 – The Sketchbook- One Tone + Line”

dark toned grey markers and bic pen (outliner marker is better than Bic)

Class 3) October 8 – The Sketchbook- Two Tones maybe line”

mid and dark toned grey markers and maybe bic or outliner marker

Class 4) October 15– The Sketchbook- Three Tones no line”

Light, mid, dark toned grey markers (three total)

Class 5) October 22 – Figure Drawing, Gesture, simple proportions, short poses

            Vine charcoal, kneaded erasers and newsprint paper

Class 6) October 29 – Figure Drawing, “Shadow Blocking” Part 1

            vine and compressed charcoal on newsprint or white charcoal paper

Class 7) November 5 – Figure Drawing, “Shadow Blocking” Part 2

            vine and compressed charcoal on newsprint or white charcoal paper

Class 8) November 12 – Figure Drawing, “The Crayon Line”

Conte crayon on white charcoal paper

Class 9) November 19 – Figure Drawing, “The Crayon Shape”

            Conte crayon on white charcoal paper


Please note that there is a class model fee of $25 per person for the class (5 models, five days) please make the check (or cash!) out to Jordan BrunsThere are no additional paper costs this session.



Class Supplies:

Strathmore 300 Series Newsprint Pad, Smooth 18″x24″, 50 Sheets (or comparable brand in this size)

Strathmore Paper 500 Series Charcoal Pad, 18″x24″, White, 24 Sheets (or comparable brand in this size)

Sketchbook (my “go to” is “Stillman & Birn beta series 7x7in, 25 sheets”)

Vine or Willow (soft) charcoal

Bic ball point pen

3 art markers (Dark, mid, and light grey) brand is up to you.  I use “Copic” but Prismacolor is fine

Black, White, Bistre and Sanguine conte crayons (comes in pack called “matchbox”)

Extra Large kneaded eraser

White Plastic Eraser

(optional) “Outliner marker”- black

(optional) Drawing board large enough for 18×24” paper

(optional) Acid Free Artist Tape

(optional) Pencils – 6H, 4H, 2H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B

(optional) bulldog clips