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Just Add Water

Just Add Water: Inkwash

By October 12, 2018June 26th, 2024No Comments

Wednesday, July 10 – August 7, 2024

 5-week Art Clinic with J. Jordan Bruns– 

Ink wash is not just mono chrome watercolor. It is a medium that celebrates sunlight and deep shadow, abstract shapes and high realism.  It’s a chance to show off tight drawing skills and allow for spatters and happy accidents.  It can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it.  This is a great Art Clinic for drawing students as well as students interested in water-based painting. 

This is an intermediate to advanced level Art Clinic.

Schedule of Classes:

Schedule of Classes:

Class 1) July 10- Exercise/Demo: Copic/grey toned markers, use markers to simplify the still life into four values (including white of paper)

Class 2) July 17– Exercise/Demo: Introduction to ink wash, look for the contrast, still life

Class 3 July 24 – Still life continued

Class 4) July 31– Working from black and white photograph with strong sunny day contrast

Class 5) August 7– Working from black and white photograph continued

Supply List for Just Add Water: Ink Wash

-I will provide ink for this class-

“Ciao” Copic Markers – Cool or warm grey #3,#5,#7

Pencil, 2H or HB

Watercolor Brush, large rounds (#8 and #16)

Watercolor Brush, large flat or chisel (#14 or #16)

White Plastic Eraser

¾” White Artist Tape (acid free)

watercolor palette with 3-5 separate wells for color –  I like this one:


white thick paper for markers.  Bristol paper is great –

Two sheets, 20×30” Arches (or similar brand) Cold Press watercolor paper for ink

NOTE: If you would rather use a watercolor block or LARGE (16x20ish) watercolor sketch pad that is fine instead of large paper

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Valensol, France, acrylic ink on paper, 20x15in, 10-23

Materials Pass

is an optional fee that rents out all the materials you would need for your Art Clinic class.  For this session of “Just add Water”, the materials pass is $30.  Please note that with Material Pass, you keep your artwork but are leasing the drawing/painting tools (like brushes and palette).  If you select to pay the Materials Pass, please email Jordan Bruns, to let him know.  You can always email with any questions.