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ACO Artist Discussion with Christine Lashley

By June 25, 2023November 11th, 2023No Comments

Christine Lashley at the Art Clinic Online, Plein Air Painter, DMV

Christine Lashley is a contemporary impressionist artist known for her colorful and dramatic oils. Her paintings are an ephemeral moment captured within a frame – a synthesis of the ambiance she has painted in person and the limitless creativity within her studio. From glittering pristine waterways to the glass reflections in cities, Lashley is fascinated by how transparency and light can abstract a scene and transport the viewer to a new environment. Exhibitions of Christine’s work include curated invitationals, museum shows, and gallery shows. Christine is a frequent participant in juried Plein Air (outdoor) painting competitions. Her numerous awards include Best of Show at: Plein Air Telluride, Bath County, and Plein Air Texas. Publications include the cover of Plein Air Magazine. She has taught workshops and classes for over 25 years.


We believe Art + Conversation does spark creativity. BTE episodes feature out-of the-box thinking for living a creative life. Our project was active April 2020 – Nov. 2021.Our discussions about a creative life: art, influence, and inspiration are rather like a ‘visual podcast’. Images and concepts that get us excited to paint are explored with our own work and our guests.

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