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Artist Discussions

ACO Artist Discussion with Nichole M. Santiago

By January 28, 2024February 11th, 2024No Comments

In her paintings and drawings, Virginia-based artist Nicole M. Santiago investigates the semi-autobiographical yet universal narratives of love, loss, and duty. Her visual stories purposely obscure narrative resolutions, encouraging more questions than answers. Although Santiago’s narratives drive her work, her imagery is firmly moored in the underlying abstraction and design of the image.

Santiago has exhibited widely during her career, showing in over 140 group and solo exhibitions. She is affiliated with First Street Gallery in NYC and a member of Zeuxis Still-Life Painting Group. Her works have been reproduced in several art publications, including The Artist’s Magazine, Art New England, INPA (International Painting Annual), and Fine Art Connoisseur.

Santiago resides in Williamsburg, VA, where she teaches drawing, color theory, and 2D design at the College of William and Mary.