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ACO Art Model Forum presented by Rockville Art League

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Meet Our Presenters



Jalene is a model and an artist. Being on both sides of the artistic experience allows her to anticipate the needs of the artists that she works with. It also affords her different ways of expressing her own creativity. Her 20 year plus career has spanned an array of private sessions as well as classes for various institutions. While she predominantly works with painters, sculptors, and drawing sessions, she has also posed for photography, etc and she looks forward to continuing to enjoy her collaborations with other artists for many years to come.


I’m a traveling art model and movement artist passionate about photography, sewing/designing, and traveling. My journey into modeling began as an exploration to be more involved in the creative realm from the front side of the camera rather than behind it. That journey has lasted over 14 years and has included working with artists of various mediums and publications both national and international. I hope to continue my exploratory journey for as long as I am physically capable.


After retiring from the 9 to 5 in 2012, life has provided me with a great second act. I have now been modeling for 10 years, first for art photography, but quickly moving into life modeling, as well—figure, portrait, and sculpture. With the advent of COVID and quarantine in 2020, I became my own photographer creating series of characters (aptly named the Quarantine Selfies) around my house to offer as reference photos to artists, which led to collaborations with individual artists to create unique reference photos for specific projects. I have a strong background in the arts:  theatre, both onstage and behind the scenes, and extensive studies in music, art, art history, and dance.


I started art modeling as an extension of my collaborative work with other photographers, this quickly became not only a lifelong passion but a way to earn a living for most of my adult life. Now I’m semi-retired from art modeling and work in arts management as the Registrar and Model Coordinator for Washington Studio School. I still explore creative work as a photographer and plan to continue life modeling for artists as long as I physically am able.

The Rockville Art League (RAL) was founded in 1957 by a collective of artists in Rockville, Maryland and the surrounding area. In 1958 RAL was incorporated as a non-profit organization to promote the development of the fine arts within its membership and community.

Typically there are six meetings per year and they are currently hosted virtually via Zoom. Members should reference our newsletter, email and social media communications for our Zoom meeting details and logistics.

The Rockville Art League hosts juried and theme exhibitions at Rockville’s Glenview Mansion Art Gallery. Our spring juried show opens on May 19th.

DC Art Model Collective (DCAMC) is a model-run network of individuals working together to form a cohesive professional standard. Our Collective mission is to create an encouraging and supportive network that connects life models to each other, to the artists that work with us, and to the communities in and around the DC Metro and surrounding areas.*

Through fostering awareness for safer work conditions and standardizing business practices, we strive to empower and support models of any experience level. This supportive model network and all it’s community resources is also extended to and inclusive of artists and art institutions through our annual memberships. Through these enriching and thriving connections with DCAMC members and the DC Metro and surrounding areas, we seek to build a stronger, supportive, and more connected community.