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Experimental Drawing

Experimental Drawing: Graphite POW-der!

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Thursdays, 1:30 – 4:00PM
September 14 – October 12
5-week Art Clinic with Mariana Kastrinakis

Unlock your potential as an artist with the dynamic medium of graphite powder! This class will expand your artistic horizons and hone your creation of form and value in both representational and abstract compositions. Whether you’re a budding artist or an experienced one, this class will help you elevate your drawing skills to new heights.  More info:

Class Level: beginner to advanced.

Sample syllabus

Class 1: what is graphite powder, how can we use it? Demonstration by MK

Class 2: using graphite powder to approach form. Demonstration, basic shapes in powdered graphite

Class 3: graphite powder in abstraction, using values to create movement

Class 4: graphite powder and our source photos for inspiration, discussion and exercises

Class 5: stencils and masking effects, how to design and use



Graphite powder (Cretacolor preferred, but also can use General’s brand

Good gummy erasers and other (vinyl) erasers

Printing paper: eg Stonehenge or BFK Rives, at least 5 full sheets

full set of graphite pencils of varying hardness

OPTIONAL: some stencils or newspring paper, to make our own stencils