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Experimental Drawing

Coming Soon: Out of Your Comfort

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Fridays, October 20 – November 17, 2023

10:00 – 12:30pm 

5-week Art Clinic with J. Jordan Bruns

This Experimental Drawing Art Clinic session is the anti-autopilot. There will be no chance for you to just “zone out” in class. The amazing news is that you’ll find incredible mark making in your “Out of Comfort Zone” drawings, a line so interesting you’ll wonder if you even drew it, and a new appreciation for creating distance between you and your work. You will be familiar with the drawing mediums, but how we use them will be anything but comfortable. Please note there is a $30 model fee paid in class. Class Level: beginner to advanced.

Schedule of Classes

Class 1) October 20 – Drawing by the Brail Method.

            Exercise: What kind of linework can we create when we cannot see the object?

Class 2) October 27– A Line is A Dot that went for a Walk.

Exercise: Explore the relationships between foreground, middle and background through a single, uninterrupted line.

Class 3 November 3 Working from the live model.

Exercise: “Non-Dominant Hand and Blind Contour”

Class 4) November 10 Working from the live model.

Exercise: “Non-Dominant Hand cont., inside out, energy drawings etc.”

Class 5) November 17– “Giacometti Drawing”

Exercise: building the surface of the drawing with a TON of linework.  Use the erasers to remove and destroy what you’ve created.

Coming Fall 2023
Out of Comfort Drawing in the style of Giacometti, Glen Echo Park Art Clinic Class

Materials Pass” is an optional fee that covers all the materials you would need for this Art Clinic class.  For this “Experimental Drawing Art Clinic” the materials pass is $15.  Usually, materials pass is a rental system but for this clinic, you will keep the paper and materials.   Quantities may be limited.  You can always email with any questions.