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Experimental Drawing

Experimental Drawing: Collage

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Wednesdays, 1:30 – 4:00PM
October 18 – November 15
5-week Art Clinic with Mariana Kastrinakis

Collage is a wonderful medium that can complement your drawing abilities by doing half of the drawing work for you! Like a mini collaboration! By incorporating found papers, you can explore new possibilities and transform your drawings into something truly extraordinary. Join this Experimental Drawing class to challenge your understanding of drawing, redefine composition, and unleash the full potential of this collaborative art form.

This class explores an unusual combination of drawing and artmaking methods. By marrying our drawings and collage we broaden our artistic vocabularies and our expressive options. The class will introduce students to artists who have already used both approaches to make beautiful art and participants will inspire one another to experiment further to achieve previously unknown ways of self expression and art making.

Class Level: beginner to advanced.

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Sample syllabus

Class 1: can we combine drawing and collage? Why? MK presentation and discussion (all)

Class 2: approaching still life elements and playing with collage and composition

Class 3: portraits into collage: using our photos

Class 4: adding color/other effects, demonstrations with pastels, watercolor, other dry media to our collage drawings

Class 5:Mixed media drawings



Water miscible graphite pencils

Regular graphite pencils

Erasers (gum-type and others)

Some thick papers to serve as backing for collage (eg watercolor paper, of weight equal or greater than 90lbs, best if 140lbs—can also use coated cardboard, ie gessoed in advance)

Collage paper: magazines, newspapers, tissue paper (white or colored), found papers (eg bus or train type-tickets, program guides…envelopes, etc)

Matte medium or PVA glue (we want it to be archival, that is acid free)

Clear gesso to coat collage so we can draw on top

Optional: adding color in drawings is optional, so this could include: colored pencils, nupastel, pan pastels, watercolors, markers, stamps, etc. don’t buy new things, just use whatever you have