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Just Add Water

COMING SOON: ALL the Acrylics

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Coming in Winter 2024

Wednesdays, January 10 – February 7, 2024

 5-week Art Clinic with J. Jordan Bruns– 

This Art Clinic is designed to help you fully understand the versatility of this amazing painting medium. Whether you want to create abstract or representational imagery, we’ll cover all the practical methods of using water-based acrylics. Discover what makes acrylics so awesome, including the use of “mediums” as additives. We’ll help you find the best type of acrylics to meet your artistic goals, whether you prefer heavy body or fluid acrylics. Please note there is a $20 model fee paid in class. Class Level: intermediate to advanced.

Schedule of Classes:

Class 1) January 10 – 

Class 2) January 17 –  

Class 3) January 24 – 

Class 4) January 31 –

Class 5) February 7 –

POSSIBLE Supply List 


There is a TON of additives that we can add to acrylic color.  Some add gloss, some thin the paint, some thicken the paint, some make it stringy, some make it matte, some add sandy texture, really the sky is the limit.  We’ll go over a handful of these in class and experiment with what they can do, but if you are starting from scratch, maybe skip out on mediums or do the “Materials Pass.”

Brushes- (suggested)- *Natural Hair Brushes or Synthetic Brushes 

I like “Robert Simmons Signet Natural Bristle” brushes and “Winsor Newton Monarch Synthetic” or Jack Richardson “Grey Matters” brushes, you can use any brand you like as long as they are “oil or acrylic” brushes and have a long handle

Heavy Body, Fluid Brushes (select some, not all)

Rounds- Size 4, size 6

Filberts- Size 8, size 10

Flat- Size 12

Watercolor or High Flow Brushes (select some, not all)

Brush, large rounds (#8 and #16)

Watercolor Brush, large flat or chisel (#14 or #16)


two – three canvas, panel or paper (depending on your type of acrylic) size is up to you, but I’d suggest bigger than you think


Acrylic Paint Note:

Any acrylic paint will work for this Art Clinic.  Any of these varieties will work just fine: “Heavy Body”, “Soft Body”, “Liquid”, “Open”, “High Flow” or “Fluid”.  I think GOLDEN “High Flow” and “Fluid” work awesome in mixed media, so I have those colors listed below.  If you have a color palette that is comfortable to your painting approach, please bring what works.  If you would like additional suggestions on a palette that are for Heavy Body Acrylics, let me know and I can send you that list as well but it’s basically the same.

Suggested Paint High Flow or Fluid Colors 4 0z tubes

 Benzimidazolone Yellow Light Naples Yellow

Pyrrole Orange

Naphthol Red Light OR Quinacridone Red

Permanent Alizarin Crimson (Hue) OR Quinacridone Magenta

French Ultramarine OR Pthalo Blue

Phthalo Green BS

Sap Green Hue OR Green Gold

Yellow Ochre OR Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide

Burnt Siena OR Transparent Red Iron Oxide

Burnt Umber

Titanium White (8oz or 160z)

Carbon Black

Not Important but FUN Paint Colors:


Neutral Gray N5

Permanent Violet Dark

Quinacridone / Nickel Azo Gold

Coming Winter 2024
Jordan Bruns, Glen Echo Park, Abstract Painter, Yellow Barn

Materials Pass

is encouraged for “Just Add Water” but is an optional fee that rents out all the materials you would need for your Art Clinic class and provides the specific paper needed.  For this session of “Just add Water” the materials pass is $40.  Please note that with Material Pass, you keep your artwork but are leasing the drawing/painting tools (like brushes and palette).  If you select to pay the Materials Pass, please email Jordan Bruns, to let him know.  You can always email with any questions.