Printing Without a Press

Love printmaking but don’t have a 500lb press?  Gelatin plates produce beautiful and unique mono-printed materials than can be done anywhere. This printmaking technique unleashes creativity, invites artistic experimentation, and broadens understanding of color, value and design in artmaking. Best of all, no prior knowledge of drawing or painting is required, and all levels can enjoy the process from the start! Each session builds upon student skills from prior sessions, and all can be taken sequentially or in any order.

Schedule of Classes for Session 1

Day 1: April 6, 2022  Making our own gelatin print plate, and which plates are best?. Discuss using commercial products. Demonstration on how to make plates of different sizes and basic mono-printing process.
Day 2: April 13, 2022 Textures, patterns and mono-printing. Demo: using our plates and the layering process. Using paint retarders for longer drying times. Strategies of design and color schemes. Using found objects (including botanicals) to achieve interesting textures/patterns.
Day 3: April 20, 2022 Our unique marks on the plate. Demo on design of unique stamps with preferred mark-making and imagery. Intro to preparing temporary stencils and masks, using recycled objects and botanicals.
Day 4: April 27, 2022 Putting it all together. Mono-printing and emphasis on review of preferred techniques for desired outcomes (frameable art, collage papers, journaling, other) Demo includes putting together a collage from printed papers.

Session 1: Apr 6 – Apr 27, “Mono-prints, Stamps, Composition & Color” 

Session 2:  May 4 – 25, “Mono-prints, Stencil/Stamp design, Transfers & Beyond”


Syllabus coming soon!