Printing Without a Press


If you love the look of prints or are curious about printmaking but don’t have a 500lb press, this class is for you!. Gelatin plates produce beautiful and unique mono-printed materials that can be done anywhere. And common materials (like clear plastic pieces from store/market containers) can be used to introduce the techniques of intaglio and surface relief printing. Such printmaking techniques unleash creativity, invite artistic experimentation, and broaden understanding of color, value and design in artmaking. Best of all, no prior knowledge of drawing or painting is required to succeed, and all levels can enjoy the process from the start! Each session builds upon student skills from prior sessions, and all can be taken sequentially or in any order. Supply fee (30$) payable in class, and supply list will be emailed to registered students 1-2 weeks prior to class starting.

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Upcoming Printing without a Press Art Clinics
Session 1: Wednesday, June 21, 10:00 – 4:00pm – (Day Workshop) REGISTER HERE
Session 2: Friday, June 23, 10:00 – 4:00pm – (Day Workshop) REGISTER HERE

This is an all-level Art Clinic. The session 3 and 4 workshops are an intense introduction to printing without a press.

Workshops Overview
The session workshops are an intense introduction to techniques of mono-printing without a press. The workshop content is similar in order to that of the class descriptions but, due to the one-session time constraints, the class will focus on exposing students to each technique (through teacher demonstrations and student hands-on activities) rather than having the student produce finished work. This class/workshop can be repeated to acquire more experience with techniques and to practice developing our own artistry through mono-printing.