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Applied Anatomy

Applied Anatomy Art Clinic: Arms and Hands

By April 9, 2021May 22nd, 2023No Comments

Thursdays, May 18 – June 15, 2023, 10:00 – 12:30pm

with J. Jordan Bruns


Applied Anatomy Arms and Hands is all about arms and hands! We will go over how our arms and shoulders attach and work with torso, and devise ways to simplify those incredibly difficult hands. We’ll look at the important muscles, bones, and tendons, and discuss ways to effectively incorporate the knowledge into our figure drawings. We’ll spend three of the four days working from the live model, applying our new knowledge into practice. Students are encouraged to work in charcoal, pencil, or conte crayon. Please note there is an additional $30 model fee paid in class.

This is an intermediate to advanced level Art Clinic.

Schedule of Classes:

Class 1) May 18- Introduction to the arms and hands, simplifying the hands into manageable forms

            Exercise: Breaking Down the Figure from 2D images

Notes from Class, PDF of Slide Show – Ap Anatomy, Arms and Hands

Class 2) May 25 – Working from the live model: Focus- torso and shoulders

Class 3 June 1 – Working from the live model: Focus- shoulder, upper arm, and elbow

Class 4) June 8– Working from the live model: Focus- lower arm and hand

Class 5) June 15 – Working from the live model: Focus- hands


Pencils 4H, 2H, HB, 2B, 6B

Conte Crayon, 2 pack black

Vine or Willow (soft) charcoal

Extra Large kneaded erasers

White Plastic Eraser

18×24” 300 Series Newsprint Pad Rough (Strathmore brand or similar)

18×24” 400 Series Drawing Pad, 24 Sheets Medium (Strathmore brand or similar)