October Paint and Draw Everyday

October Paint and Draw Everyday

Day 31 (October 1st) 

So one thing I learned is that the Japanese people get new houses like most Americans get new cars. They really don’t have old houses like in the States. There are no, “prewar” houses here. Our neighbor house was demolished a couple of weeks ago so they are building a new one this week. They DO go up super quick. Well, they’re usually really small… so there is that.
Anyway, in honor of all the construction noise, I decided to draw the cement mixer today. It was midday and drawing outside seemed like a chore… so I just looked out our window. It started out fine, then after 10mins or so go by and it drove away.
Defeated, I stomped upstairs, grumpy and with barely anything accomplished.
It came back 15mins later.
So imagine my joy when I heard it churning it’s fantastic hardening butter! Have you ever heard a grown man yell, ‘HOORAY! THE CEMENT MIXER IS BACK!” as he runs down the stairs frantically looking for the sketchbook?
Might as well be Santa.

Day 32 (paint/draw everyday)

So, I meant to do a marker post with all the stages mapped out. First marker Cold grey – C3 which covers anything not white. Second C5, everything mid grey and darker. C7 for everything that is “black”. But… I got distracted. Or… forgot. I only got the first stage documented. 🙁

Also, my living room is really a boring, uninspiring subject matter. Excitement level is… 2.

I have to take my car in for the JCI inspection tomorrow, so I’ll paint the mechanics garage. Excitement level… 8.

Day 33, October 3rd- Painting Everyday #inktober , #inktober2019

I had to take the car in to be pre inspected before it’s “JCI” that is coming up. That basically means that they are going to make a list of all the problems that need to be fixed before the Japanese car… government(?) officially checks the car to see if it is still safe to drive. For me and for Japan, I guess. It’s stupidly expensive.
Anyway, had no where else to go, so I drew the mechanics place. I thought about painting it, but realized that I don’t really want a painting of the car mechanic garage. Still, it was fun.
I then dropped the car off at a different garage to get all the problems remedied. Then walked home. It wasn’t close by either….

Day 34 (from yesterday)
Went to the Rugby World Cup. It wad a lot of fun but South Africa was too good for Italy.

Day 35

We spent the night in Shinzuoka after the rugby match and woke up to explore the prefecture. It’s really stunning. I only had a quick moment to get a quick sketch of Fujisan. We were on a boat to an aquarium/dinosaur museum. Gotta give the kiddos a break here and there. 

Day 36
#inktober #inktober2019

Drew the family while they did homework and thank you cards. I kinda screwed this up… not my finest work, but you know what? I’ve butchered almost every drawing/painting I’ve done from observation of my kids. Why change anything at this point?